I got up this morning about 4:30 Seattle time and hit the fitness center. It’s the ideal spot for someone who didn’t get a fit night’s sleep. Besides, it was snowing and slippery outside, a Winter Wonderland. There was only enough time for some stretching, strength exercises, and the minimum mile run. After quick showers and reorganization of our bags, we were on the Aloft shuttle for a quick ride to the terminal. Once our luggage was checked, it was then just a matter of navigating the escalators and train to the gate. We had plenty of time for a sit-down breakfast at Sizzle. The eggs were not cooked properly so any free time was taken up by sending our plates back to the cook for a second attempt.

The 5-and-half-hour flight was delayed a bit by deicing the wings. I at least had a running suit jacket to keep me warm on top, but bare legs from the waist down. I never felt the need for a nap and started a new book, Righteous Prey, after finishing Perfect Assassin on the fight here. I was also able to catch-up on blog notes that will be posted once we arrive at the Marriott Vacation Club resort. Once again, I feel disconnected from the world around me after this many hours without live news and sports.a movie was never a consideration with only my phone screen to work with. Typing is difficult with the turbulence and cramped workspace. Peanut M&Ms keep me nourished.

We’ll soon land in Kauai, grab our luggage, and grab a cab. We plan to have groceries delivered to the timeshare when we arrive and check-out the resort amenities. Lihue, where we’ll land, rhymes with phooey or gooey, since Hawaiians like to emphasize every vowel, on this island it’s primarily A, U, and I. Our nearest city will be Kalanipu’u, the next tongue-twister challenge.