Thanksgiving morning was once a time for recreational runs, but these races are all virtual this year. I’ve run Turkey Trots in Decatur, Austin, and Portland, and my own 5k version on every Thanksgiving Day for the last 12 years. This morning was no exception, even though it was undoubtedly one of the slowest I’ve ever run. It was consecutive day #4,351, carrying a couple extra pumpkin bars around my waistline. The weather was in the mid-40s and there was no precipitation. It’s always good to burn off a few calories before the traditional feast of turkey with green beans au gratin. There will be no family gathering today, as advised by the CDC

Nine days and counting until we’re on a Kauai beach, enjoying that family time we’ll miss today. With next year’s move to Florida, we’ll spend future Thanksgivings with my grandkids by the pool. 2021 will be the beginning of a new tradition. Hopefully by then, there will be a vaccine and life will return to somewhat normal. I’m just thankful today that my family has stayed healthy throughout a difficult 2020. I can still run everyday, continue to stay in touch with friends, and dream of a sunny future. We haven’t gotten to travel as much as we would have liked, but have still ventured to Florida twice, Phoenix, Austin, made a 3,000-mile cross-country drive, visited Glacier National Park, and visited out-of-town family and friends. Hawaii should soon add the crown jewel to our 2020 adventures.

I am discouraged with my running, considering the glacial-like pace, but I’m fortunate to still be able to do it. On the USRSA list of nearly 2,500 active streak runners, I haven’t been able to move-up from position #228. This puts me in the top 10%, with forty-five runners older than my age of 69. It’s encouraging to see these veteran runners continue to maintain their daily streaks. I hope that I can keep going into my 80s, but I can’t imagine how slow my feet will move at that stage of life. It could take all day to run the minimum mile. According to Healthline, the average pace for men my age (65-99) is 13:52 per mile. It’s about the same speed as this Turkey Trotted this morning!