I continue to have computer problems updating my site in a timely manner. This coupled with our tight travel schedule has made for maddening frustration. I’m supposed to be doing this for my own personal enjoyment, hoping that someone else might like to read it. Unfortunately, it’s too often more troublesome busywork than comforting personal therapy. I’m constantly losing content and experiencing screen freezes to the point of giving up. I’m forced to rewrite, restart, and repeat my typing efforts. So, please bear with me. 

We’re still trying to get used to driving my son’s Chevrolet beast. It’s different than anything I’ve ever driven, so I doubt that a second career in truck driving is in my future. Old age has also made me more paranoid behind the wheel, so we’re having second thoughts about long drives in heavily populated areas. I can’t imagine the stress of driving a camper, fifth-wheel or RV. We’ve had a couple of narrow escapes with 19 more days to go on this adventure.

We had a great time with my half-sister in Tuscaloosa touring campus, eating BBQ, and at the bar. Roll Tide! The next day we would drive together to Huntsville sharing stories of our very different childhoods. We met my wife at Newt’s and joined my biological half-nephew for lunch. It was then back in the road in search of Uncle Bud’s Catfish & Such, a favorite for my wife in the days of accompanying her oldest daughter to horse riding competitions. Unfortunately, it was closed but we found their new location near the Grand Ole Opry in time for dinner before the show. We had already checked-in to the plush downtown Nashville JW Marriott.

The performances were of course spectacular, but even more impressive was the live radio broadcast heard round the world. This was special to me because of all my years in the business and understanding what all goes on behind the curtain when the “On Air” light goes on. The standout artist of the evening was Edwin McCain, who made his historical debut in the distinctive circle on the famed stage. We also saw John Berry, Smithfield, Mike Snider, Dan Tyminski, John Conlee, Killer Beaz and Charlie McCoy do their hits and/or comedy. It was a great way to end an eventful Day 3 of our Summer Tour.