We are very fortunate to have escaped the ire of Ian. The two of us are safe in Alaska while our home appears to be unscathed, according to the neighbors. We’ll still have a lot of moving around to do when we get back and all our frozen food will probably spoil unless power is soon restored. There currently is no phone or internet service either, and flooded streets to contend with by those who did not evacuate. All could be much worst since several neighbors lost their pool cages to strong winds but ours somehow seemed to survive the wrath of Mother Nature. We have yet to hear from Schnauzerville about how Tally reacted to her first hurricane. I’m sure it was scary for her!

The Viking Orion is docked in Valdez, home of oil spills and earthquakes. The town appears to be deserted with two small museums that provided little entertainment. Rain has fallen since we arrived and the chilly, damp air made our cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows taste even better once we arrived back onboard ship. Last night’s piano performance was cancelled due to choppy seas. I could not walk a straight line down any hallway both before or after drinking. We did enjoy our Chef’s Table meal but it was early to bed and early to rise. My Ring camera notifications kept disturbing my sleep, so I was on the treadmill before the sun came up this morning. 

We are a captive audience here in Valdez without much to do for the rest of the afternoon. Since we are not at sea there are also no cooking classes or bridge games to keep my wife engaged, so we are sitting here staring at each other. The boat will depart for Seward later this afternoon. So far, it’s not our favorite day in Alaska, but still a thousand times better than being stuck at home with no TV, internet, or food to eat. We’re thankful!