I remember back in college listening to and often memorizing the words of the comedy troupe, Firesign Theatre:

  • “That’s just a two-bit ring from a Crackerback jox.”

  • “She’s no fun. …”

  • “Antelope Freeway, one half mile.”

  • “What kind of chump do you take me for?” “First class.”

  • “I can shout. …”

  • “And you can believe me, because I never lie, and I’m always right.”

Even fifty years later, I still find myself smiling when I think about their witty humor and classic album titles like “Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him,” “How Can You Be in Two Places At Once When You’re Not Anywhere At All,” “Don’t Crush That Dwarf – Hand Me The Pliers,” and “I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus.” This all comes to mind as we get ready to hire an electrician (or someone like him) to install LED lighting, a chandelier, kitchen island sconces, and two overhead fans. These are the finishing touches for our new home now that all the boxes have been unpacked and everything is mostly in place. Pictures are hung that may need to be rehung and furniture settings may yet need to be adjusted, but overall the hard work of getting settled is now behind us. All it takes is more money, something we’ve been good at spending, but not so good at making in retirement. 

It’s another sunny, humid day in our new neighborhood. Yesterday, my wife and I were both in the pool at the same time – a first. She’s been reluctant to dip her toe in the cold water while I go for a swim every morning after my sweaty run. The beach is just a few miles away but we’ve been negligent in using it these past few weeks. That may happen today, but it’s better to wait for a quieter weekday rather than fight the Sunday crowds. However, my wife is now busy most days with her yoga, water aerobics, and dog park buddies. We’re even hosting a block party in our driveway this Friday night with a band. I’m being forced to become quite the socialite, when I’d rather just stay home waiting for the electrician.