Exactly 3 months and 100 posts ago, I wrote about the Green Day song, “Wake me up when September Ends.” (See Post #1268). In another three months it will be the end of September, yet the nap may need to last longer. Coronavirus cases are on an uptick and social restrictions are getting tighter. The largest social gatherings are now protests, while major sporting events continue to be pushed back. Restaurants are struggling to stay in business and money is tight. “Whatever you do, Marty, don’t set the DeLorean to 2020.”

Today on the radio, I was reminded of the comments I made three months ago because of the Avicil song lyrics, “So Wake Me Up When It’s All Over.” This panic certainly won’t be over when September ends. I made some observations when this pandemic started, but like everyone else I couldn’t imagine that it would last this long. I didn’t foresee everyone required to wear face masks or live in fear of their neighbors germs. We’ll never come together if we’re scared of each other. Race, Religion, or Status are no longer the reason we’re divided. Other people in general are becoming the threat. If you breathe – you’re dangerous. 

Those with COVID-19 symptoms are the modern day lepers.  Soon they’ll be shipped off to a deserted island. It’s getting to the point where those who catch it are deemed irresponsible. They didn’t wear a mask, failed to properly scrub their hands, went out to eat, got on an airplane, or went to the store. There is no sympathy, only pity for their stupidity. It’s no wonder those with symptoms try to hide them. Who wants to admit they were somehow reckless in their actions to the sanctimonious who hide in isolation?

There are many contrasting opinions and reasons to not believe the stories we read. A recent article with the headline of “CDC CONFIRMS EXTREMELY LOW COVID-19 DEATH RATE,” claims that a child is more likely to die from a lightening strike than the virus. For an old fart like me, I’ve been at greater risk in a bad flu season. I’m certainly not discounting the need to take precautions, but I don’t think they need to be extreme. For example, I watched a guy wearing a mask yesterday turn away from me and put his hand over his mouth as I approached at least ten feet away.  Yes, I had taken a shower, brushed, gargled, and used deodorant. So, please wake me up when it’s all over!