Tomorrow will mark my 200th game of Wordle, the New York Times daily puzzle that has become part of my routine. Since they only provide one game a day, it’s not something you can get obsessed about, although there is Quordle (four puzzles at once) and Octordle (eight puzzles at once) where you can play as many times as you wish. I have a 98% solve rate with a one-time 76-game streak. There are two ways to stop a streak, either by failing to solve the puzzle in six attempts or by forgetting to do the puzzle on a given day. I’ve be subject to both, as my current streak is only at two after somehow spacing out on doing it a few days ago. Normally, I do it right after my morning run, so it should be automatic considering that my current running streak is 5,025 consecutive days. I certainly have yet to forget the running part of my day even though they often times blend together. 

We’re currently docked on Kodiak Island, one of the largest in the world. I’ve opened a Diet Coke, that I now limit to just one a day, as I sit at the keyboard. It looks like another chilly, rainy day here in Alaska, although we’ve also gotten a surprising share of sunshine. Last night, as we were having dinner, we experienced our first Alaskan sunset over the mountains we were cruising by. It was just before the big Viking 25th Anniversary dance party on the pool deck. It’s not easy to dance when the ship is rocking, so we left early for bed on Day 11 of this journey. 

Early this afternoon, we’ll head into town to tour another museum before tomorrow’s long day at sea on the way to Dutch Harbor. We’re looking forward to another great dinner tonight at the Chef’s Table followed by the Austin pianist performance that was cancelled the other evening due to rough seas. There is still no power at our Florida home and we’ve yet to get word on our Schnauzer pup, Tally. We’re sure she’s fine but phone and internet service are spotty in the Venice area. Flooding has prevented crews from getting in to do repairs. 

I will miss another Saturday of football, unless one of the bars in town has a satellite dish and will wait on word of Aaron Judge’s efforts to top the Roger Maris and Yankee home run record. Tomorrow, of course, will start with checking scores, strength exercises in the onboard gym, and another run on the treadmill, followed by (unless I forget) the much anticipated 200th game of Wordle.