Thanks to Lennon and McCartney for making everyone’s sixty-fourth birthday less painful. “When I’m 64” has finally arrived for my wife. For me, it’s a distant memory nearly five years ago. “They say it’s your birthday, well it’s my birthday too, yeah!”

No one looks more forward to their birthday than my wife and I try to make every one special. It’s a little tough this year with stores closed, travel restricted, and restaurants shut down. I was not responsible for her 40th celebration. On her 50th, we went to San Diego, but I ruined that with a kidney stone attack. I did manage to make it up for her 60th with a ocean hut in Bora-Bora. Birthday breakfast was served by canoe. Tonight, dinner will be to-go. Her daughter and husband will join us, along with their dog, our Tally’s playmate. My gift was delayed in shipment and hasn’t arrived yet. The poem that goes with it will be read anyway. 

“We’re gonna have a good time.”

Yes, You’re 64

For a memorable Birthday,
In this time of Isolation
You just might need,
Some Imagination

The jewelry stores,
Are still shut down.
And we won’t be wearing,
A suit and gown.

There probably won’t.
Be fireworks.
Or a hotel,
With special perks.

With theaters closed,
There’s not a show.
And we’ll have,
Our dinner to-go.

We won’t be going,
To the beach.
With warmer ones,
Soon within reach.

No Bora-Bora,
Or Kidney stone.
But you won’t,
Celebrate alone

There’s a Limoges,
And lots of flowers.
But your sunny day,
Might bring showers.

Wish for a rainbow,
And peace on earth.
On this anniversary,
Of your birth.

At least each dog,
Has hat in place.
With dreams of cake,
On tongue and face.

Sing the birthday song,
While washing your hands.
And hope that fans,
Soon fill the stands.

Next year,
We’ll be in a house.
Not too far,
From Mickey Mouse.

The greatest gift,
You didn’t get.
There’s still no need,
For a testing kit.

Despite we’re on,
A weight loss diet.
This year’s birthday,
Might be a riot.

Will you still need me?
I love you, more.
And still feed me?
Yes, you’re Sixty-four.

Copyright 2020