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Retirement is not without Hassles: Off Road #2222

Too many computer problems discouraged my efforts to keep up on this blog during our time in Kauai. I tried changing from Chrome to other search engines but had to reconstruct many of my links, apps, and passwords to no avail. I could not transfer notes from my phone to my laptop, adding to the frustration. The days went by too quickly as we criss-crossed the volcanic valleys  by car, boat, and plane.

There was just too much going on with the six of us in the condo. Limited privacy, excursions, board games, plus trips to the pool and beach did not give me time to gather my thoughts. I needed to get back in my home office and perhaps send my computer off to be repaired. I did, however, manage to maintain my daily running habit that has now grown to over 5,100 consecutive days while on the island. In a few short weeks, “The Streak” will surpass 14 years without missing a single day.

In an effort to do something constructive, I started doing on-line surveys that allow me to collect points and potentially payment for my opinions. To me, it’s similar to playing a video game for rewards and keeps my mimd occupied. However, being 71 years of age, retired, caucasian, and with limited purchasing power often excludes me from participating. 

I’ve read five books over the past few weeks, so getting away from the television has been a positive change. I did watch a lot of soccer with all the World Cup action, but fell behind on shows like Yellowstone, Curse of Oak Island, and Gold Rush. I mention this like I’m actually missing something important!

There have been no dog duties, those rare moments outside of running when I actually venture out into the Florida heat. Sunny days on Kauai were surprisingly limited as we explored the islands, from Waimea Canyon and “the wettest spot on earth” to Hanalei Bay, home of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” It was always breezy with pop-up showers, and cloudy skies. We put a few miles on the rental car because there was little to do at the resort other than Cornhole, swimming, biking, and wandering. The crashing waves of the  Pacific were closely visible from our balcony, but the sandy beaches were quite a distance away. We were, however, surrounded by lush landscaping, golf courses, swaying palms, and other plush resorts. Restaurants and shops were also a major hike away.

It was 11-hours of flight time both there and back with overnight stops in Seattle. We won’t get back on a plane for another three months when the two of us weary travelers head to Vegas for a few days. Egypt is but 6-months away. It’s time to get off the road for a holiday break that will allow us to get reacquainted with the neighbors before we hit it hard again.



Retirement is not without Hassles: Just Do It, Again! #2189

It’s disconcerting when you find yourself reading only the obituaries (Remembered) in the Indiana University Alumni Magazine. I’m grateful that my name was not in there again. There are just too many people my age that are no longer and to see them all listed in pages of print is quite disturbing. My goal in anything is to at least be in the Top 20% and can only hope that applies to longevity. Every day I read about classmates, celebrities, and acquaintances that have unexpectedly passed at age 71 or younger.

I did find my name in the Top 10% of runners competing in the Nike NBA Challenge. As a result, I earned a Season NBA League Pass by participating on the Nike Run Club app – a reason to watch more TV sports. Trust me, it was not for speed, as I was quickly passed by a couple of other joggers this morning, leaving me with the feeling of standing still. That doesn’t happen too often in this community that tends to be 50-plus. However, we now have a neighbor with children because their home was affected by Ian and our grandmother neighbor has  temporarily moved to South Carolina. It was not enough young blood to buy a bunch of Halloween candy. 

I am currently hungry and thirsty, waiting for this afternoon’s eyelid surgery. Some experience pain with the procedure while others apparently do not. Nonetheless, they loaded me up on precautionary medication. This makes me a bit worried, while hopefully it won’t jeopardize my running streak that stands at 5,056 consecutive days. On the intellectual side, my Wordle streak is now at 33, far from the longest of 76, during the 230 daily games that I’ve played so far. I seem to have lost the swimming habit because the weather has been cooler, but I’ve continued my daily regimen of sit-ups, push-ups, and stretching. 

My wife’s daughter now works for Nike, so therefore I’ve tried to show renewed allegiance despite the narrow cut of their sportswear. I once relied on a Nike Fit-Bit to keep pace and record my streak. Swoosh-wear seems designed for taller, slimmer athletes, and I have to be careful about what I buy. We saved a ton of money on Nike Dri-Fit gear with her employee discount, and she took us on an impressive tour of the campus that pays homage to stars like LeBron, Serena, and Pre. Now, she tells us that she can get a great deal on a rental car for our trip to Kauai, one of the priciest locations for rentals that I’ve found. Although I continue to run in Brooks brand shoes, most of my accessories are now Nike as opposed to Columbia. I’m quickly becoming more and more a Phil Knight fanJust Do It, Again!

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