As it turned out the Apple I-Phone hassle of yesterday was no big deal. This often happens with a negative thinker like me. I all too frequently overreact to a simple problem, escalating it from a mole hill to a mountain. I would be the guy in the movie saying, “Oh God, we’re gonna die,” but wouldn’t express it out loud. Other people think that I’m calm under pressure, but this is because I’ve already resigned myself to the worst possible scenario. Whatever ultimately happens is always less hassle than expected. This is the life of a pessimist. 

The downtown Apple store is closed until further notice because of the riots and virus. It was not simply a matter of having them clean my phone, so I decided to do it myself. I used the end of a straightened paperclip and removed some lint from the input jack, wondering why I hadn’t thought of this sooner. It was embarrassing easy after months of charging frustration. It now works fine, saving me hours of hassle going to the store and dealing with a technician. I guess I’ve screwed-up too my projects in life to even think about DIY anymore! In this case, I earned a star!

I roasted a chicken last night for dinner, fulfilling my weekly cooking pledge.  Yes, I did it myself for the second time in one day. It’s already Thursday, and I have the place to myself. My wife is taking her daughter to the doctor and Tally went with her. Once retirement happened for both of us, it’s now rare to be separated. No more individual business trips or family visits. In fact, with apartment living, only a wall often keeps us apart. I have the whole exciting day to do laundry, vacuuming, empty the dishwasher, and dusting. More do-it-yourself projects for a not so DIY kind-of-guy.