Today started with an extra dog to take outside and no internet service. Two big hassles that got me up early and out-of-sync. In my old age, I’m not adapting well to change. I like a routine, and even travel is getting more difficult. The rigors of waking up in a different bed, adhering to tour schedules, and making early flights is disturbing. Sometimes, I just want to hide in the comfort of my own home.

Thoughts of moving cross-country are exhausting, probably because last night’s sleep was so restless. Just dealing with a simple internet outage is like climbing a mountain. The extra pup, though cute, is whining, and now so am I, after an hour on the phone with the cable company. They have to send out a technician to add to the frustration. I can’t get on-line to do this daily blog, so I’m writing only to myself for a few days. It gets the anger out, and makes me feel like I’m doing something constructive. My wife has a physical this morning, so the dogs are also out-of-kilt on their routines.

I’ve crossed the 75,000 word mark on my novel and can at least continue that work without the internet. Also, the TV is working so I can get most programs, including House of Cards that it seems we’ve been watching forever. I’m headed over to a friend’s house to cook some burgers, so I won’t miss the internet this afternoon. I wonder how long we’ll be out of service?