I spotted some homeless humor this morning that made me chuckle. There was a tent pitched on the edge of the street with a chalk line surrounding it and 6′ measurements laid out. The sign read, “Sheltering in place…please keep your distance.” I’ve often wondered if the homeless really knew what was going on. This proves it. The odor alone kept me much more than six feet away as I passed by this sign of the times on my morning run. I was certainly not laughing at their sad situation. 

Yesterday’s run yielded a shiny quarter,  but today made no cents. It was cool and cloudy but expected to clear up in the afternoon for wine tasting. We had a family dinner last night and will go out tonight. Cafe Nell is often the first landmark on my daily run, having built-out into the street for additional outside seating. They did an outstanding job of making the temporary deck match the color scheme of their building, unlike other structures I’ve seen around town. People seem more comfortable eating outside, as we did last night on my wife’s daughter’s deck and will tonight on the Cafe Nell deck. We haven’t done a good job of sheltering in place these past few weeks considering travel, wine tasting, and picnics. We’ve been outside more than in. I can only hope that we’ve stayed safe in the process of all this responsible socializing. Maybe the alcohol will help?

I have finished episode five of Curtain Call in the Hunt A Killer mystery series. When we have been home, this game has kept me occupied. I’m down to the last three suspects with one last episode to complete. It’s taken many hours to lay out the timeline of clues, decipher codes, and unscramble secret messages. The Father’s Day gift has been a welcome diversion for the last few months as each new box of information arrives in the mail. I’ve also done several jigsaw puzzles, written a bad novel, and watched a lot of documentaries, TV series, movies, and concerts, as we continue to slowly ease out of Sheltering in Place.