My I-Watch came unglued, so I guess that I really don’t know what time it is. Yes, the back literally fell off when the glue broke down after years of use, another indication of how cheaply it was made. However, I’m satisfied that it lasted as long as it did given that I didn’t invest in the extended warranty. I use it primarily to log my runs but that route is now pretty much the same every day. For those of you keeping score, today was #4,422 of “The Streak,” dating back to 12/29/2008. My course has been consistently 3.1 miles every day, with an occasional shorter run when I have to catch an early flight. This was the case when we left Miami last week for the trip home. Once again, I was fortunate to avoid the standard Northwest drizzle this morning, but I sure miss that Florida heat. 

Home construction has been slightly delayed so we now anticipate our cross-country move from Portland to be in early April. My wife is lining up North American for the trek. We’ll drive our remaining car to meet them in Venice when the time comes. It’s the only way to get our schnauzer Tally to our final destination. She’s apparently slightly too heavy to ride in the main cabin and not Service worthy, while storing her below is not an option. We’ll pass through Indiana on the way back and visit with friends and family. As a result of the delay, we are cancelling our cruise from Barcelona to Oslo. This will give us more time to get settled and perhaps allow for the vaccine, although Oregon seems to be struggling to even get those over 80 their shots. 

I can’t say I’m really missing the I-Watch and don’t want to go to the expense of replacing it. It’s very intrusive, constantly alerting me of spam calls, driving directions, and e-mails. In retirement, nothing is that urgent! I may just switch to a cheap Fit-Bit to help with pacing, although I run so slow anymore that it really doesn’t matter. This morning my legs felt like concrete, so it was best not to know my split times. However, I’m still encouraged after watching The Raven do his daily route last week that I’m a comparative speed demon! (See Post #1581).

I’m just glad it’s Friday, even though that doesn’t seem important any more. Every day of retirement is virtually the same – Run, Blog, Eat, Binge, Sleep, Repeat. I guess Fridays will always remain special after all those years of looking forward to the end of the work week. Now, the work is done when I finish my run every day. There’s not much planned for today – maybe another Alfred Hitchcock movie tonight. Last night, it was “The Lady Vanishes.” that put me to sleep. I still haven’t quite adjusted to the three-hour time difference that I got used to in Florida these past few weeks. I miss the sun and my tan is fading.