As I patiently wait for basketball season to start, there’s a big hole in my sports bucket. IU Football lost to another Top 10 opponent, while rival Purdue found a way to beat Iowa. Last year at this time, Purdue was not even a factor in the BIG and now they are making waves. IU was supposed to be that X-factor with great expectations that have fizzled away. My teams continue to flounder – no Cubs or White Sox left to play baseball, even IU soccer, once ranked #1 in the nation, has failed to further impress. I’m left to speculate about Hoosier basketball that seems to be shrouded in mystery while sports writers continue to project them to be just another average program in the conference. 

IU Football can still get to a bowl game this year with a 6-6 record, but they would have to beat Maryland, Rutgers, Minnesota, and Purdue. I don’t see them with a victory over Michigan or Ohio State, but it’s exactly what they need to restore confidence in the future of the program. After all, even Purdue showed some spunk, upsetting the #2 team in the country! Boiler Up! They should be my pigskin pick and are stacking up to be a basketball powerhouse this year. 

Today is all about the NFL, even though the Hoosiers are on the soccer pitch at Penn State this afternoon. The Portland Timbers lost last night to the LA Galaxy, as I continue to hang on to those Oregon sports ties. The Ducks were victorious over Cal. The struggling Colts and banged up Bears take the field soon. I’m hoping for a W against the Packers and that the Horseshoes can stay out of last place by beating the equally faltering Texans. Fantasy football may be my only salvation on today’s schedule if our players can keep from getting injured. Our opponent is heavily into the Cowboys, so I’m actually rooting for the Patriot’s defense to stop the killer K’s – Dak and Ezekiel. Hopefully, the can “keep them in Belichiek!” It’s Pigskin Sunday!