1984 was the tale written by George Orwell and the term “Big Brother” became a big deal, as the government controls every aspect of peoples’ lives. It was written 40-years prior, as now it is 40-years later and still relevant. The actual year “saw the launch of a number of movie franchises still going strong today, with Ghostbusters, The Terminator, and The Karate Kid all debuting in 1984.” All have seen recent recent releases including Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), the Karate Kid television series, Cobra Kai, and Ghostbusters Afterlife that we just recently saw at the theatre. 

We did get back to the movies on “Matinee Monday” with the modern remake of Death of the Nile. It was very boring with accents difficult to make out but the scenery was magnificent as we look forward to our journey down the Nile next May. It started our week of following a normal busy routine with no houseguests to feed. We got another break this morning when we found out my wife’s brother is not coming today as expected, but rather in April. I also didn’t have to babysit this morning for the second day in a row, but may end up taking my granddaughter to a fairy and unicorn festival tomorrow. It was a busy week with a harpist that we went to see on Tuesday night after my Borrego Boyz “Leadership Luncheon,” another warranty inspection, a doctor’s appointment, dinner with some new Indiana friends, an afternoon at the dog beach with Tally, who will then need to visit the groomer, Sweet 16 Purdue basketball, and the 7th monthly “Meet the Neighbors” event on Saturday night. Sunday we drive up to the Tampa area for lunch with friends from Indianapolis followed by an evening guitar performance at the neighborhood community center. 

Next week could be equally eventful with another “Matinee Monday,” cousins to visit down in Bonita Springs, a confrontation with my sister on immunization, the next installment of Yellowstone episodes, construction work, overhead lighting installation, the usual weekly Chiropractor appointment, air conditioning service, the Final Four games on TV, a Braves Spring Training game against the Rays, and last but not least, April Fool’s Day.