Now that I’ve spared no detail on the hospital stay and copied all the notes off my phone, it’s back to daily reports on my recovery. I met with the surgeon a few days ago and everything is progressing as normal. My blood tests were “perfect,” and he confirmed that the EKG showed no signs of the initial Afib (Atrial Fibrillation) concerns, they took me off the blood thinner Eliquist, and took some of the restrictions off about my salt-free diet. I am going to have to go in for another ultrasound because there is an area of my lungs that may be retaining some fluids from the pneumonia. They may have to drain it, meaning another night in the hospital, or it might go away naturally. I had my last Bay Care physical therapy session and now making arrangements for Cardio Rehab. 

I still won’t be able to drive for another few weeks, so my patient wife continues to act as chauffeur, chef, nurse, and motivator. Her family is now back in Portland, with her sister due next week. I’ve gotten plenty of attention, including today’s lunch with some of the Borrego Boyz while our wives celebrate Valentine’s Day together. She insisted that there be someone here to keep an eye on me while she’s gone for a few hours. We continue to take two long walks a day together, traveling a little further each time, and I try to work with my breathing tools every hour as instructed. I can feel a burn in my legs that I haven’t experienced in a long time from being inactive these past few weeks. I’m not using a walker but still feel a bit unsteady on my feet. 

Last night was “Date Night,” my second non-medical outing since I’ve been home. We went to the Red Grouper Tavern, so I enjoyed some more fried foods. We traveled to Tampa General two days ago, an odd way to celebrate our 25th “Eddiversary” together, marking the occasion of our first date. We stopped at Freddy’s on the way back so I could have a cheeseburger and chocolate shake. I’ve put on a couple pounds these past few days, so I’ll have to watch my salt intake. Weight control will be an important daily monitor, especially since I’m no longer running every day. TV is now my chief form of distraction with shows like True Detective, Death & Other Details, Masters of the Air, and Yellowstone Season 5. Old movies fill the gaps. I’m also slowly able to focus more on reading as I finish up Why We Love Baseball

I have little pain, but sleeping is still an uncomfortable experience. Between the diuretics, burning sensations, prostrate issues, and tossing & turning, I’m up practically every hour. A rare two-straight hours of sleep is worth celebrating. I’m not looking forward to tonight’s I.U. basketball game at Purdue, although we have a Super Bowl Eve Party to attend. We booked a Disney weekend in Orlando to take my granddaughter to see Bluey in mid-June before we fly to Portland for my wife’s birthday. I also made arrangements to go to the Braves’ Spring Training Opener against the Red Sox in a few weeks, so slowly but surely, I’m adding activities to my relatively sedative, day-to-day, life on the mend.