Although I don’t normally need help coming up with ideas for stories, the Storysworth editors are always providing suggestions. For example, they want to know what makes me happy? Writing apparently makes me happy or at least provides some kind of personal therapy. I did some time ago make a whole list of things that make me happy in no particular order of importance, but don’t really care to elaborate. Instead, I’ll turn it into one very long sentence:

Happiness for me is a kiss or hug, Writing poetry, I.U, wins, White Sox win, Cubs win, Bears win, Elkhart High wins, Call from a friend, Talking with Judy on Mondays, Good Nora, Grandchildren achievements, Personal treasures, Dreams about my parents, A good movie or book, Sunshine & Suntans, Finding money, Date nights, Adam or Eliza accomplishments, Spouse accomplishments, Green lights, Fixing something myself, Disney Parks, Sherm stuff, Baseball Cards, Ticket Stubs, Making Lists, Tax refunds, A good night’s sleep, Free food, Spousal Sex, Tourney Time, When Tally isn’t in my chair, Finishing a run, Sunsets, Live Music, Marriott Points, Writing, Fridays (even in retirement), Chocolate Chip cookies, Ice cream, Wife time, Zero credit card balance, DNA matches, Not working, Good health, Shooting stars, Celebrations, Free tickets, Special access, Recognition, Clean sheets, Privacy, Word games, Traveling somewhere new, Money in the bank, Wind at my back, Fireworks, Cheese Burgers, Diet Coke, Skiing, Laughs, and Air conditioning. I’m certain there are many other things that I’ve forgotten.

“They” also want to know what one of the most expensive things I’ve ever bought. Well, spending money does not necessarily make me happy. Homes certainly top the list and each one gets more expensive. Travel, and certainly this upcoming Nile River cruise through Egypt with stops in Cairo, Petra, and London is a huge investment. My first car, a Triumph GT6, was a lot of money at the time, but the problems I had with it saved me from getting other sports cars. Wedding rings and jewelry are pricey gifts of love so the amount shouldn’t matter. These are the material things that immediately come to mind – for what it’s worth.