Britain’s Prince Charles has tested positive for the virus. It adds some reality to the whole situation, although fortunately Corona has yet to strike close to home for me. Does this mean it has evolved into the Crownonavirus? Sad, but you have to admit, it’s at least better than another toilet paper joke. It is  important to maintain a sense of humor in these tough times, but too many times it can come back to haunt the source. For example, Utah Jazz center, Rudy Gobert, mockingly touched all the microphones and tape recorders just before being tested positive. More recently, a Spring Break beach-goer defied social distancing guidelines and commented, “if I get corona, I get corona.” Well, he did, and now he’s apologizing for his cavalier statements. 

We all feel a sense of invulnerability when it comes to health issues. “That would never happen to me,” is the common thought process. With athletes, movie stars, politicians, and now even royalty being affected, obviously no one is safe. It’s really a simple request to stay away from others – “six feet away rather than six feet deep” is my recommended campaign slogan. As reports on viral spread first started coming out, I was already fighting a bad cough & cold with thoughts for sure I was a victim. However, I don’t believe I ever had a fever, and it turned out to be allergies. In the process, I was guilty of jumping on a plane while others took a more responsible approach and stayed home. In my defense, it was right on the fringe of the outbreak and Spring Training games had yet to be canceled. Everything changed in the two-hour span of that flight to Phoenix. I now apologize for my selfish attitude. 

I was one to never miss a day of work or school, just as now I never skip a single day of running. I’m sure I carried many a cold or worse to the office with my selfish need to simply be there. It was just part of my personal discipline, without concern for others. I honestly looked down on those who stayed home because they didn’t feel well. By the same token, I was at first determined not to let the Coronavirus change my life. Just in the last two weeks, I’ve become a bit of a germaphobe, scared of the invisible enemy. I now wash my hands incessantly, keep my distance from others, and use the apartment-building-supplied wipes to open doors. In fact, my body is so saturated with sanitizers and soap that peeing actually cleans the toilet. If it weren’t for running and dog walking, I wouldn’t even go outside. However, I’m not ready for gloves and a mask yet. Travel plans over the next few months have been reluctantly canceled. This disease threat is definitely no joke!