If it weren’t for my morning exercises and run, I would be a total slug in these stay-at-home times. Even my computer was acting sluggish in pulling up the image for today’s feature. The days pass slowly even though retirement has given me a head start on being a couch potato. The biggest decision is often choosing which TV program to watch, as many times I’ll lazily repeat the same episode over-and-over to add some comforting background noise. I did see the sun this morning and the Dow Jones index somehow continues to rise. It just seems odd that we have to print more money and offer stimulus packages to keep the economy afloat. It could all soon backfire if these measures don’t take hold, driving our nation’s deficit into an even deeper hole. 

I knew this election year would be crazy but never anticipated anything like this. It was why we decided to sell our house, worried that market prices might fall. I’m still hoping that we can capitalize on low interest rates and buy a retirement home in Florida, especially considering the flexibility it gave us to move. Instead, we’re confined to to a very small apartment with orders from the Governor to stay home. As if, this was really a home! At least we have access to plenty of carry-out options. In fact, last night would normally had been “Date Night,” but was changed to “Carry-Out Night.” There are also no longer “Matinee Mondays,” more like 24-hour Netflix, and “Leadership Meetingshave evolved into simply  phone calls. “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” so right Mr. Dylan. 

I’m at the low end of my typical daily step count, averaging in the neighborhood of 12,000 with too many of those between my desk and the refrigerator. I’m also eating a lot of comfort foods like meatloaf, toasted cheese, and pizza that’s causing some weight gain. I’m feeling pudgy and sluggish, up about five pounds, unlike the overall direction of the stock market. Life is moving slowly without the prospect of travel. It takes the fun out of retirement, not to mention dealing with the constant threat of sickness that we’re all facing. In fact, I saw a disturbing post on Facebook about a friend that many have some of the flu-like symptoms. It’s not someone I’m particularly close to, but still brings the possibility closer. The virus probably feasts on the softness of a slug, as I sit here waiting for a potential, invisible strike!