Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to Post #1869. Appropriately, as I reported yesterday,  the year 1869 was the beginning of the Thanksgiving football tradition in America. I also happened to receive my latest (Winter 2021) edition of the The Streak Registry this morning put out bi-annually by the United States Running Streak Association (USRSA). The organization just recorded it’s 5,000th streak of at least one year. Mine stands at #229 on the active list, having completed consecutive day 4,715. Anyone who wants more information can go to the website at runeveryday.com. With cloudless skies, both the sun and moon were out to watch my short dip in the pool. 

It’s now much easier to relate each post to a specific year in history, as will become a habit going forward. Certain numbered posts in the past have reminded me of memorable dates, home addresses, etc. as I started writing and the number became part of that day’s story. For example, Post #1001, brought back memories of my childhood home on Carolyn Avenue. Post #1492 made me think of Columbus.  Post #1380 caused me to recall a radio station I used to work for years ago. I’m sure that many of the numbers that I’m now into will be reminders of years gone by. My parents were born in 1921, while 1951 was my birth year and 1969 the year I graduated from high school. With a post every day, I will start getting to these dates in the next three to four months. 2021, the current year is only 152 days away if I can continue at this pace. Many days it’s hard to come up with tid-bits to mention, so this will add something more to the story than simply what I watched, ate, or did.

I often start with the boring every day details of my life, hoping that it leads to something more interesting or in-depth. In too many cases, my posts never get beyond the basics. Sometimes, I can add humorous stories, travel adventure, adoption discoveries, sports memories, creature features, and poetry to make it more interesting, but all too often my life is uneventful. This is why I’m not compensated to do this and most of the time the effort turns out to be personal therapy. I do get some occasional feedback, but there is rarely anything controversial that gets people talking. It is what it is!