It is easier to type without the brace on my wrist, but my hands still shake so the lack of coordination with my fingers leads to many corrections. The two conditions are not related because my puncture wounds from the catheter will heal but the essential tremor is apparently here to stay. I’m feeling better today having completed the familiar two-plus mile route this and keeping my streaking journey alive. In the world of streak running, there are no excused absences. You do your daily mile minimum regardless of the circumstances or fail. I’ve done this now for 5,381 consecutive days, but the finish line is sadly in sight. More testing in the next few weeks will eventually lead to major surgery and the inevitable end of my race. I salute those that will continue on without me. Looking back, I thought I saw the end a few days ago, but here I am still at it!

When I do eventually cross that finish line, there will be relief and sadness but no regrets. I’ve run through ice storms and tropical depressions to get this far, so it will not be easy to stop. My recent posts have been apologetically obsessed with this reality, but writing like this is like personal therapy. Most of my few readers know me and are aware how attached I am to this streak and its bragging rights. As I’m stumbling, bumbling, rumbling along each morning, I try to appreciate the benefits of all this exercise. I think it all paid off when they found my arteries to be clear of any blockages, despite my high cholesterol that also requires medication. 

My way is the highway – miles and miles of wear on my many pairs of shoes throughout these fifteen years. During the course of this streak, I will have logged over 13,000 miles, enough to get from Portland, Oregon to Venice, Florida and back twice! Although a bit dramatic, I can’t help but think of the crooning voice of Frank Sinatra, and the lyrics written by French artists, “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain…I traveled each and every highway, and more, much more than this, I did it My Way!”