Over the past few posts, I’ve recounted our long drive back to Indiana for a wedding and funeral. In the meantime, we missed Hurricane Idelia, evacuating well. Most of the references in this recap poem were alluded to in these reports but the names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent. 

Road Rations 

Truist Park.

Hot-lanta Braves,

Amanda’s house,

Artwork raves.


Lodge cast iron,

Big Bad Breakfast.

River House dinner,

Recalling Egypt’s past.


The curb had no mercy,

Tire Pressure light a pain.

Rocky Raccoon sighting,

When will we hit rain?


Baseball, Bourbon, & Bats,

Wedding & Funeral await.

Louisville Slugger Factory,

And Evan Williams date.


Freddy’s for lunch,

Bio Mom nearby.

Joanie in Nashville,

Bloomington drive-by.


Pumpkin bars & caramels,

Flushed with Diet Coke.

BLTs and Burgers,

Weight loss plans a joke.


Hoosier Tenderloins,

Indy friends to meet.

We’d already had,

Too much to eat.


Brunch at Ruth’s Café,

For a Beatle’s song.

“All you need is Love,”

We all sang along.


Bottleworks vows,

Cookies not cake.

I’d already had,

A spin on the lake.


The lyric-off winner,

Denise proved wise.

A shot of tequila,

Bobby 2’s demise.


Bobby 1 calmed,

His angry son.

As Claire and Shawn,

Got ‘er Done!


Miranda was the DJ,

But the music was faint.

So no dancing Dan,

And the Outlaw no saint.


We had as much fun,

As old age would allow.

The “life of the party,”

Mitch met his vow.


West Fork Whiskey,

My Birthday pour.

Along with some Nike’s,

And fire pit s’mores.


Oliphant Hospitality,

Sahm’s and Capri.

Many old acquaintances,

At the viewing to see.


Onward to Huntsville,

Buc-ee’s for brisket.

Just after digesting,

A Cracker Barrel biscuit.


Banisters at Connor’s,

Then stayed an extra night.

As Hurricane Idalia,

Showed her might.


Cheesecake Factory salad,

Tasteless movie “Strays.”

P.F. Chang’s encore,

Little to do but graze.


Detour to Dothan,

And the giant peanut.

Pepto Bismol tablets,

For the rumble in my gut.


Texas Roadhouse ribs,

With hot buttered rolls.

McMuffins and Shakes,

Glad we’re home – I’m full!


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