I bought an Alice in Wonderland Limoges on E-Bay to celebrate our 25th anniversary of collecting these unique, porcelain boxes. It ties in nicely with our recent trip to Las Vegas and Disney World. I wrote this poem to recap our adventure, the only downside was a lost wallet. 

Wallet Woes 

Two Adult Playgrounds,

A plane ride apart. 

Night in Orlando,

Is where we start. 


Grand Chateau

Decaturites reunite. 

Bellagio memories, 

Eataly for a bite. 


A bunch of dummies,

At the Fator show. 

Blackjack and slots, 

Stealing our dough. 


Smith and Wollensky

For martinis and scotch. 

Chicago performance, 

No need for a watch. 


Mon Ami Gabi

Then Mott 32

For more nourishment, 

As our appetites grew. 


National Geographic

Mobster foes. 

Neon Boneyard, 

A Hugo’s rose. 


Disney is calling, 

Ratatouille ride. 

Laser finale,

But sleep, we cried.


Where’s Alice?

Time for Tea. 

Buzz and Peter, 

None for free. 


Until Tiger’s hug, 

Nora unimpressed.

The Castle fireworks, 

By far the best. 


It’s a retirement trip,

We won’t soon forget. 

We kept our shirts, 

But lost a wallet.

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