Another Sunday is upon us, with nothing on the calendar – no guests, no dinner plans, and no events to attend. Basketball will be the priority, as the final eight teams complete the Sweet Sixteen. Will Indiana be one of them, or will this be the final time this team plays together? Back Home in Indiana, Kokomo and Ben Davis will battle for the 4A state championship. Of course, there’s a touch of snow on the ground. It’s even cool here in paradise with a brisk wind. 

An active week looms ahead with multiple visitors, a boat ride, dinners, baby sitting, more basketball to watch, and a baseball game on the agenda. The Hoosiers could play Houston on Friday, or will Miami steal that slot? The women, after defeating Tennessee Tech without All American McKenzie Holmes, also face Miami on Monday, but times have yet to be announced. A double victory would be sweet! My bracket is still competitive since none of the other participants predicted the shocking upsets. The way is cleared for a new National Champion with the Kansas loss to Arkansas! Soooey!

As if anyone really cares, I managed to solve my 100th consecutive Wordle game and am hooked on a Solitare Cash app. Speaking of game playing, we got involved in another heated contest of Code Words with friends last night. It was a gift from my wife’s youngest daughter after being introduced to it in Kauai. We’ve played twice in the last month after dinner on the lanai. Wine again clouded our communication skills. It was also a factor, along with the cold wind, in this morning’s shortened run. It will be a good day to sit inside, watch hoops, and eat chili.