Continued from Post #2543. Written for an upcoming 70th birthday party:

Seventy times Two!

I attended the 40th,

When we were just kids.

And since that time,

We’ve all hit the skids!


Zoomin’ and Dickeling,

Are now in the past.

These thirty years,

Have gone by fast.


Juneteenth is now,

A National Holiday.

My wife, Denise, born,

The very same day.


The banks are closed,

Or I’d enclose checks.

And today’s your best chance,

To beg for some sex.


Instead, you get,

Another rhyme.

But there won’t be,

A next time.


We know Tim’s got,

And Karen, too!

Tom Walton genes,

But “E,” NOT you!


I’d suggest a shot,

Or two, on a dare.

But that’s not covered,

By Medicare.


The bald truth,

Is under those caps.

Let’s get this over,

And return to our naps.


We’re still neighbors,

Though far away.

Wishing you both,

A Happy Birthday!


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