Twenty-one weeks have come to pass since surgery with the only remaining indications being a long scar and some mild tenderness in my chest. The gym is restoring some of my strength, but I miss the ability to simply lace up my tennis shoes and hit the streets. The chiropractor has diagnosed my leg issues as bypass sciatica and the treatments continue. I have been finally able to surpass the mile mark on the treadmill with only mild discomfort. As we prepare to be on the road the next ten days, my home exercise routines will be on hold. I know there’s a gym at the Marriott Vacation Club and workout equipment in Porland, but I’m hoping to get in several miles of walking each day. The benches at Disney World will undoubtedly become my new friend. 

I have a couple of birthday poems that I need to write on the plane ride. One will be an update from this tribute 30-years ago:

“Who’s Zoomin’ Who” became our theme,

“Four Asses,” we were quite a team.

Was wearing tights a real-life scheme?

Or was it just a silly dream?


We once turned on your garden hose,

And dove for Dickel, legend goes.

We Dickeled too much, I suppose,

Cause Doug blew noodles through his nose.


Tim, you’ve picked your friends and foes,

I’ll bet you’ve even picked your nose.

The thing you can’t pick, everyone knows,

Is a relative like Mike, and that fact shows.


To keep in shape you both abide,

But there’s something age can never hide.

Your body’s like a classic ride,

Shiny on the surface but rusted inside.


So here’s to a couple of Birthday boys,

Eat, Drink, Spend, and make some noise.

Cause he who dies with the most toys,

The winning widow still enjoys.


Happy 40th, Mike and Tim

For those of you that don’t know, George Dickel is a whiskey brand, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who, a hit song by Aretha Franklin, and Doug a fellow partier. To really understand, however, you would have had to be there. 

Both Mike and Tim were born on June 19th. It was tough to write at the time, because Mike was a close friend while Tim was only an acquaintance. In fact, I’m not sure that I’ve even seen Tim since then. Mike’s wife, Karen, recently posted a Facebook request to send them both greetings on their upcoming joint 70th birthday. Karen is Tim’s brother. 

Coincidentally, my wife was also born on that Juneteenth day, although a few years younger. In fact, she wasn’t yet my wife thirty years ago. I will craft her poem separately, as part of a traditional Limoges Box gift.

Fortunately, none of us have a widow.  

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