We got off the boat this morning to go to the Alaska SeaLife Center. It was very foggy but the sun was trying to peek through the clouds as a steady rain fell. We were hoping that it wouldn’t be like yesterday with another wet morning or little to see or do followed by a boring afternoon between feeding times. The two museums that we visited in Valdez were disappointing and everyone wondered why there were two in town or why we even stopped in Valdez at all? We ended up going back to our cabin to watch the movie, Paris Can Wait, a film we’d apparently already seen 5-years ago that had long left my memory bank. 

While the boat set sail, we watched it continue to pour down rain from the Explorer’s Lounge with one of our favorite musicians, Laurence, on guitar. Dinner was at Manfredi’s where I once again overdid it on the Cabernet. We’re trying our best to get the most out of the Silver Spirits premium liquor package. As a result, I will need to take the next two days off from overindulgence to dry out. We then almost made it through the main lounge act before the vocalists broke out in an unbearable Queen medley that moved us quickly to the exit doors. We’ll try again tonight to stay awake during the Viking: 25 Years of Exploration presentation and dance. 

We averted another disaster this afternoon when my wife finally found her missing driver’s license that had inadvertently slipped out her pocket in one of the downtown Seward shops.  We had actually given up trying to find it after retracing her steps this morning to the bus, aquariums, and a few of the stores back to the ship with no luck. However, when the sun finally came out later in the afternoon, we went back again and thankfully found it. It was her second moment of relief of the day, since my son had called earlier with good news about the condition of our Florida home. 

We were apparently on the “Sunny Side of the Street” with no structural damage. I feel bad,  but all our neighbors on the other side of Borrego Street suffered considerable damage to their pool cages, not to mention all the massive destruction to others in our community. This was because Hurricane Ian had a reverse spin from previous storms and the front of our house took the brunt of the wind while those homes on the opposite side of our road got hit from the more vulnerable back side. The streets are still flooded and there is no power or water but my son reported only a puddle of water that came in under our front door. He also  rescued most of the frozen food from our refrigerators, so that is no longer a worry because no one knows how long the power will be out. It’s great news to be on the right side of the neighborhood – The Sunny Side of the Street:

“Grab your hat, baby
Leave your worries on the doorstep
Just direct your feet
On the sunny side of the street

Can’t you hear a pitter-pat, babe?
And that happy tune is your step
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade
With those blues on parade, ba-ba-bo
But I’m not afraid, baby
My Rover’s crossed over, ay

If I never have a cent, babe
I’d be rich as Rock-e-fellow
With gold dust at my feet
On the sunny side of the street

Grab your coat
Get your hat
Leave your worry on the doorstep, ba-be-do
Just direct your feet
On the sunny side of the street, zay-zoo-za-ze-zo-zay

Can’t you hear a pitter-pat?
Oh, the happy tune is your step, ba-be-oh
Life can be so sweet, oh, ba-be-bo-ba-bay
On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade
Baby, with those blues on parade
Oh, but I’m not afraid, baby
My rover!
My rover crossed over!

And if I never have a cent
I’ll be rich as Rock-e-fellow, hey
With gold dust at my feet
On the sunny side of the street”

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Dorothy Fields / Jimmy McHugh
On The Sunny Side Of The Street lyrics © Reservoir Media Management Inc, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC