I ran the familiar route over the Geist Reservoir bridge to start the day.  It’s where I started “The Streak” nearly fourteen years ago. I did it in a wine fog, after my brother-in-law plied me with Cabernet the night before. I was in a drinking mood after nearly a week on the road, but had been so good these past few months. We went to dinner at Eddy’s, near their home, where my wife and I had our first “date” years ago.  Each anniversary of this occasion we celebrate what we call a Eddiversary, in honor of this restaurant. (See Post #1504). 

After my run, I started to install a Ring doorbell that my wife’s sister had recently purchased. They usually try to give me a small project to do when we stay at their house. I was familiar with the device since I had already put in three of them at my homes these past few years. However, for some reason, I was experiencing some hassles with this one because a lighting strike had disabled their previous doorbell. I decided to take a break and regroup while we did some other errands. 

Our plan for the day called for a boat ride with my good friend that rescued my wife’s jewelry in Nashville. After a brief downpour and a trip to a Carmel consignment store to drop off some clothes for resale, we arrived at his condo on Morse Reservoir, another popular Indy area boating hot spot. We then rode in his woman friend’s pontoon to Wolfie’s Restaurant for lunch. My wife was just thrilled to finally get her jewelry back, so lunch was gladly on us. 

My brother-in-law grilled chicken for dinner and we got together with my wife’s two nieces and the eldest one’s two boys. I’m known as GUM – Great Uncle Mike. The younger niece brought her soon-to-be fiancé that we had yet to officially meet. While dinner prep and conversation was going on, I was still struggling with the doorbell. It was working on a charged battery but we still couldn’t find a power source. It was more electronic hassles that I’ve also been experiencing on this trip with my computer. It too has been a pain in the butt!